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on Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:59 pm

- CD 1 (Jasmine Tea) -
01.The Lonely Road - Atman
02.Cygne Noir - Mystic Diversions
03.The Castle - Nicco
04.Balafia - Cantoma
05.Remember Tomorrow - Mo’Horizon’s
06.Lava - Boozoo Bajou
07.The Traveller - Christophe Goze
08.Honolulu’s Whispers - DNA
09.Summertime - Lenny Mac Dowell feat. Jazzamor
10.Late Summer Rain - Mystic Diversions
11.Kingsburg - Projections
12.R-Evolution - Lazybatusu
13.Ambrosia - A Reminiscent Drive
14.Childhood Dreams - Jazzamor
15.Gemini (G3) - Chris Coco
16.Open Up Your Mind - Gerardo Frisina

- CD 2 (Bonus - Wuloon Tchai Mixed) -
01.The Lonely Road-Atman
02.Late Summer Rain-Mystic Diversions
03.Summertime-Lenny Mac Dowell feat. Jazzamor
04.The Traveller-Christophe Goze
05.Ambrosia-A Reminiscent Drive
06.Lava-Boozoo Bajou
07.Gemini-Chris Coco
08.The Castle-Nicco
10.Open Up Your Mind-Gerardo Frisina
11.Remember Tomorrow-Mo’Horizon’s
13.Honolulu’s Whispers-DNA
15.Childhood Dreams-Jazzamor
16.Cygne Noir-Mystic Diversions

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